_________RE: eternal immanence ~


_ eXample: as we know Spinoza was there taking his hand

 as he jumped, fell, swooped,

   fell out of, falling out of the sky,
                   of the building the small fall a down  to its tenement side

                Spinoza was there to greet him
        this prince of thinking   ~

What shout from eternity
hollered outloud
its greeting

to the heavenward

cloud sky

mittening its gloves

to the hurlyburly of                      his



If eternity were not there'd be no music its strains to the infinite echo call to chord and back

         and the ghost of hymns come to take him  
                           back the philosopher's home and Ulysses' shades 
                                  and the others known and more well-known lesser known
             known at all
               epistemologizing the eulogizing philosopher

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