Moles and poles


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Clifford Duffy shared a link via Fernando de Araújo.

thanks to Fernando de Araújo for finding this one!

Following the publication in 1980 of Mille Plateaux, a work thatfor many marked the culmination of Félix Guattari’s intellectual adventure with Gilles Deleuze, Guattari began work on a film script for a science fiction movie, UN AMOUR d’UIQ.

    • Clifford Duffy I  

      had read about this unfinished work on a film script in the biography of Guattari and Deleuze and it's delightful to see that something's being done and has been done with it.

    • Fernando de Araújo ‎... and I like Guattari and Sci-Fi... PERFECT!!!

    • Fernando de Araújo ‎Clifford Duffy Guattari is the salt in Deleuze's work... ;-)

    • Clifford Duffy yes him and his mutant MolecUles!

    • Fernando de Araújo ‎... molec-o-lutions...

    •  moles/ poles/ strata/cata!

    • in the stratA you get CaTa _tonic

    •  in the poles you get roses! and become a schizio mole!

    • Clifford Duffy O molecules of health!

    •  hahah one must have fun with these things ..

    • Fernando de Araújo a lot of fun...

    • Clifford Duffy i find many of these guys writing about these mattes too serious so i wrote fictions and poems/

    •                you do with your art and films

    •                     and photos

    • Fernando de Araújo without fun, no think.... I do things to think for fun, for nothing, cos J'ai besoin de faire comme ça...

    • Clifford Duffy One can be sober and have fun

    • Fernando de Araújo Guattari was/is sure one of them.... He was/is a sort of clown-philosopher.... LOL

    • Clifford Duffy As i see it, as an artist, it's what we do with these ideas that counts/

       Deleuze used to  say Guattari moved fast fast fast.I am tempermentally fast. So i feel a bit like that. .. can relate to that

    •  to me guattari and deleuze are a form of god

    • Clifford Duffy but what i mean
    • Fernando de Araújo LOLZ-philosophy for Singularians.... LOOOOOLLLLLLL

       its what i wrote on radio deleusze
    • --------------------------------------------

    • Clifford Duffy is that the letters of their names G and D
    • you see its like the word god!

    •  hahah but G____ D of immanence

    • Clifford Duffy in hebrew you might already know

      Clifford Duffy one does not spell the Vowels

    • Clifford Duffy of the name of God

    • Clifford Duffy so to me its almost a Borgesian

    • Clifford Duffy game of anagrams and reversals.

    • Clifford Duffy of course they were not "god" in a transcendental sense but as a sort of comical letteral figure of the god of becoming multitudes

    •  two never so different the bee and all the imagery of combinaision

       i once wrote tZara spinoZa (spin doctor) deleuZe guattari..
    • Anyways __________________________, its all good and fun

    • Clifford Duffy dont you think?

    • Clifford Duffy let me qualify even more they were not god in any literal sense

    • Clifford Duffy so you for me their becoming-women in my fictions blog is fun

    • Clifford Duffy their names lend them a feminine gender Gilles becomes Jill

    • Fernando de Araújo they were fallen angelZ....

    •  Felix becomes Fanny and Franny ___and Mona and the other characters are my inventions of becomings

    •  So when I write in English i write abecoming literal of the letters

    • of the episteme (the epistolary letter) of (the) desire.

    • forgive    me if I can go on and on

    • _________________________________its just easy to (it seems to explain!) to you. Its just my OpiNIon!

    • Fernando de Araújo no problem, I've already understood.... you're like the waves.... let's surf!!! I think I'm kinda too....

    • Clifford Duffy wave/surf