is creation virtual?


                           around the virtual space o f creation. Now there's a thought; is creation virtual?

and if so does that make it virtuous? one thinks ,   a t  times  of N's use of the word  
                 in the french sense,  an older one ,   virtue
I cant quite remember where
 its beena  time since reading the old monster

(virtù)   Niccolò?

but  is  rather like his word or use of the wor d moral
                                                        ah but memory's escaping me!   like a leak in the head
  or a spoon in the dead
                     a  lover in the pork
                                               a shrink on the dee-dee
                                or haunches on the bevel bee-bee 

 Virtue! Vertu
                                                                          it must be the french 
                      its been a long time
                                                 smoke filled wood room
         noisy in background
                                              a room of intelligence and vibrating 

  who could know what 'vertue'