_________J'amais 'jung'__________more Mozart~





 ------------------------- Carnet 42. 1989



Limousin , France


C.Duffy. There are some claiming you were or elements of your work were Jungian.


Deleuze: hahah, that's amusing (his eyes filling with tears) ... after all the work Felix and I did to... move the other the machine, factory, assemblage, agencement.... hahah its odd, and if it were  not sad, it would be  amusing. 

You see let me explain that were I to be born again and had no choice of who to become I'd become Freud rather than Jung! Better yet I 'd be Schreber! or glorious Nietzsche...

 Or I could be Mozart's music   ~.


as in

'Symphony No.40 (Allegro Molto)' Molto  ~ molto   ~



Should those who think this way want to go back to Difference and Repetition and the works I wrote before the encounter with Guattari then by all means do so. But I ask you this: how can they be read the same after having read the later work?

So my reply is to say shit to the Jungians, once and for all, and that they are worse than the Freudians.  I mean Lacanians!too! yes, we mentioned Jung in Antioedipus ...  does that bind us to him? or (sick malade maladie)  interpretosis? We made use of many ideas and  we used whatever was at hand ...and we also stated again that we were able to move along and that our work was not representing a coherent whole, that it's a machine, an assemblage gathering parts along the way, deterritorializing this line and that outlandish one to go farther down the opening line of the road and its fluent escapes... wherefore Jung and Freud?

I prefer what Joyce says

My imagination grows when I read Vico as it doesn’t when I

read Freud or Jung.'

                                                                        and we were tired of trees and  myths... we were fed up

Read         Miller...  Whitman, Kerouac..




                 Never                       Jungian

Never                   Jungian

Neotver                        Jungian

Never Jungian

Notever                     Jungian

Never                     Jungian



_______________ Neither Yungnorfreudened!






                 think of how badly Jung read Ulysses how he

   badly he 'treated' the Irishman's daughter Lucia  suffering his deliriums in the coterie of the great Irish author. A complex story . One that it would be worthwhile for someone to investigate without the tarnished and stale ideas of analysis.... .  Felix has been interesting in Joyce but I don't think he's had the time to write about this.... time .. time ... time   work... .