since it's a machine/ production/lab

                     we try it out O does that work see it's size

              proportions  , connections

   it's this part here then is it?

                        o yeah try that


            that one there

                       try a fold
                                                             with a gold

  what do you get

  two eyedrops in a rainbow

    and that Idea thing from the Memory  can we try that

         the male muse notion
          the example of empty holes

                                           are the injected or is the injected non-being  a philisophical
                                 equivalent to a black hole?

   now there's an idea

         what's hunger
         a question

               see it out

                    it s a form of discipline?

                           for a writer perhaps

  not even then
   can't be sure

think of that hunger artist

  s t  arving with a house of food


   the other follow i mean discipline is to love without choice