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It’s like a set of split rings. You can fit anyone of them into 

                                       any other. Each ring, or each plateau, ought to have its own climate, its own tone or timbre. It’s a 


book of concepts. Philosophy has always dealt with concepts, and doing philosophy is trying to invent or create concepts. 


                                                  But there are various ways of looking at concepts. For ages people have used them to determine what something is (its essence). We, though, are interested in the circumstances in 



which things happen: in what situations, where and when does a particular thing happen, how does it happen, and so on? A concept, as we see it, should express an event rather than an essence. This allows us to introduce elementary novelistic methods into philosophy. A.concept like the ritornello, for example, should tell us in what situations we feel like humming a tune. Or take the face: 




we think faces have to be made, and not all societies make faces, but some need to. In what situations does this happen, and why? Thus each ring or 

                                plateau has to map out a range of circumstances; that’s why each has a date-an imaginary date-and an illustration, an image too. It’s an illustrated book. What we’re 




               interested in, you see, are modes of individuation beyond those of                 things,                                         persons, or subjects: the individuation, say, of a time of day, of a region, a climate, a river or a wind, of 

                                 an event. And maybe                                               it’s a mistake to believe in the existence of things, persons, or subjects.                                                 The title A Thousand Plateaus refers to these individuations that don’t individuate persons or things.

 that was Doctor  Deleuze, talking at in Negotiations

 Mona enters volumes bodies|constructing Cross-Assemblages

  ( 'call it halftexting')

 I am coast Bodies  volumE not screeNedare not volumes but coastlines;vable but undelimitable penetrabilities, opportunites for the real decomposition of space.She am lamblandtogouth

"The real empiricist world is… a world of exteriority, a world in which thought itself exists in a fundamental relationship with the Outside…"
— Deleuze, Pure Immanence: Essays on A Life

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