'un' secret dans Laruelle ~ d'été


“There is reason to revolt against the philosophers,” this is where philosophy, in its greatest triumph, only further encourages itself. 

This is the moment, when philosophy perhaps no longer recognizes

                                               the autonomy of science and   art

 that it denies their autonomy, and with the utmost subtlety.

Deleuze has discovered a secret — the secret or the property of philosophy, a secret which gives us the impression that it is very old and that it has been lost. He discovers the philosophical idiom, which now becomes alien to itself, but which

remains an idiom precisely because it has become the language of the infinite. The language of the good news is absolutely private and absolutely universal. Their coincidence is the peak of the self-contemplation of the philosophical community.



i don't know if it's true that the last book co-signed by Felix Guattari and Gilles Deleuze subtly or not so sublty denies  the

          autonomy of Art , including Literature and Poetry. However I do know this:
It does not matter if it is the case. I've read the book several times, and I had not had that impression .

Quite the contrary I found it humble, and modest enough ( a notable change in philosophers but in character for Deleuze, and for Guattari)  for it to recognize the legitimate difference of realm 
proper to the three domains  ie. philosophy, science and art.

_________After all, it's not so new a  notion to imagine or think that philosophy holds precedence over art and artists. That argument goes back to Mister Plato and his not so sublte Republic of the philosopher kings lording it over the populace and keeping those 

ever so subtle poets and artist at bay, outside, along with other disagreeables..... Poor Plato, who spent half his life loving and hating Homer, and the other poets who did indeed come before him..

I have not read Laruelle but I like his name as it refers to a lane, or an alley, which means its the back of things, what goes behind and that is appealing,

 and has  a sort of short-hand that reminds of the idea of burrows, and roundabout things. As well, his name 

       being thought of this way, would make it  part of a neighborhood: and so his name and his thinking are 
a part of the neighborhood of thought and thinking, and thus of art and science.

          I say all of this without ever having read a word of his before ....  the quotes of Laruelle,  were taken from  
   Fractal Ontology, which appealed to me because of the combination of sounds
              Fractal  plus  Ontology create  juxtaposed thus.

bUT IN any case I like the pace of the translation  I like taking  a text and splicing it out that way  going over it again and seeing what's possible    ~ ,
I am interested in combines and parts and wholes that don't totalize.  so I right away caught the 


to  an even older book  of interviews put together  by Sartre, Phillippe Gavi, and Pierre Victor.

_________________'On a raison de se révolter, livre d'entretiens avec le jeune homme et Philippe Gavi, où Sartre évoque entre autres les problèmes liés à l'engagement contestataire.'

___________ and so on goes on connecting and reconnecting, reconnoitering where one sees fit  ~

_______________there are no rules____________________ there are tunnels, passages, burrowing, pistils,

                                ever governing their sideways tangle and non-devolopment   ~