re re: 'to


When you wrote that you never asked a question did you mean you yourself or that others did not ask questions....

I mean I didn't as I knew for one my french, at the time, was weak ~! and secondly it was good to  hear
Gilles Deleuze just going on and on.... besides which I had caught on that  his questions didn't have to be my own right?

That's the sort of thing you imagine when you are a teenage. By this time I was in my 20's and who cared really anylonger

It was about being a mode of thinking and expression not about quoting someone you didn't like. I liked Tzraa's poems.   And that was my business.  Not the business of the philosopher.

However,  I am free and was always free to write about this and to ask why in a  more probing way about the absence in their work of French poets from this period or that period and so and so forth. I mean , he loved Kerouac which was amazing no one in universities , at that time, was writing about Kerouac and the writers of that beat line of movement  were they?

As for what was happening in french departments of literature I have no idea,
                                   i'd imagine nowadays  the old dada poets and surrealists are pretty much entrenched reading. to what extent I don't know

But I doubt that hardly anyone reads them except for  asmall group   whatever the numbers are who do read poetry
of any sort