Extrait d'un cours de G. Deleuze à Vincennes en 1980 ; faisant partie d'un ensemble d'archives diffusées en 2006 par la Rai.


I blogged this sometime previous but it's time to bring it bacK? a little uncertain Hegelian dialectics? diaclectics?

The knight of infinite faith versus the Hegelian totalizer?


the uninterrupted movement of the dialectic
the dialogue of the dead
   a bunch of saltimbanques on the move dancers? dialectic? twist torque turn

and the english philosophers discussing among themselves the this and that of what's what to that and this thisness thatness and

we are rounding round the particulars and singulars
of the universal abstract and the bound of its empirical doubt

Mr and Mrs Empirical versus the dialectic of the german thinkers grand phenomenology of the spirit...

____ but   we're only brushing the surface....