jOhn _Milton's grave Ps and a note back to deleuze and

Deterritory verlainelefou wrote:

As once upon a  time Franny was writing about the roundabout Milton as 
   when a reader
would see threads glaring off the deep anchor of a piece  and       .... 

 so/one writes words. they make things happen in/out. i write in a nonconforming way  U disagree that's yer business...
                            Now Milton on-the one hand, is interesting as a prose writer as poet shaking between left hand 
right hand making the switches....


'so bucksome blithe and debonair'

 Other thoughts about the grave

 Grave as the metaphor of the critical drivel that has accumulated around
his work since his death. At first it was good, then it became manure shite
repetition, what was curiosity becomes the reflexive self preservation of a
class prejudice.

 In a Deleuze like pose one ca ask who does Milton take behind. MIlton the
Latin Secretary of Cromwell, Milton the mysogyne. Latin the blind man on the
run Milton is the class poet of his age: what a bore, as one drills through
the last bks. Always so derivative everywhere of Shakespeare, this religious
maniac, a man who neglects the Irish and exalts the Bible one strange
cockatoo of British nonsense One can go on and on.... 
 Tracking this and tracing this...
 yet the grave becomes the visible site and is indeed the visible locale
of violation.
 THe poets remains were stolen,removed, desecrated, put back;
Milton's dead body is the dead subject of his reified name. His fit fame for
few is a curse. He remains, like TS Eliot, the most cursed of the British

 THe more one reads Paradise Lost the less there is. One realises in fact
that the Waste Land began with this lengthy burial of Christianity, its last
aborted effort at justifying of course a god that cannot be justified.


Make your own bloody body without organs.
                                      We are difference engineers, ok?