sow is wha t philoSophy?


 sow is what philosophy?

 sown metaphors of concepts relaying their train of knowledge.a  cinema crowd in her head. wisdom's wide golden hip/

against the power the powers that be/ which r always the tower of babelling  a ziggarrut of dust and bust
   raking the sky

 w e'd prefer boats rushivng over the water clinging to the skin of the sea than

   the exhaust  dinosaurs of the sky 

  Whenas I see Socrates head in the sea surfacing again with questions and dialectics
     propounding and unpounding the twist and yearn

of the proportionate point

 is therea question prior to the answer

.  We dialogue Deleuze we do. We dialoue every day in radio f.m. /a.m. and our communications are wireless not the not deadbeat waves of those in the mountains

 nor the dead air waves of those in Switzerland

   but it's the live wires of living conversation chattering across the centuries clasped in books and horned wave elements particles of truth i n their hands

  this is Jill and Mona handy in  their h a n  d  s o  m   e        .