... two... mornings...


One morning , p.m.,  Radio Deleuze  ( he) woke up and found  there were two Deleuzes. The one better known and world famous back to the ancient muster of mysteries of philosophy was immanent and traded difference to the immanent forever moment of its own immanence the ground immanent immanence, the difference each nano second of the billionth part. This person(a) was the better known to both former students, friends, colleagues, collective assemblages of enunciation___ and Nuns too! like Sister Maria Buttocks hailing from the late great Vatican 'ecole de philosophie' ___ and the hung dry night of desire machining its own agencenment path through thick and thin, thinking a king to its own demographic impulse. A capricious creation of desire night.

   The other was the clandestine transcendent Deleuze. A lesser known virtually comic figure.
Waving his hands on the baton of the dialectic one two and three! a sweeping retotalization of all history, time and place.

We'll come back to this. and other strange triads of eros and thanatos, the Oedipal mummy hid at the heart of every boy's lover  love relate and the pummeled fair wind of its simplicity and its dear
desk, its diamond brooch of surprise . A breast holding its mouth to the far end of hunger.