ideas machine


    the motor churning water bifurcating and water chasing
          between the book and leaf

                    over the charming roof of love's beef?

    hey let's bust these rhymes of delicacy with truth

 as   it's there immanence  does it s working work

 not the false ideas of those claiming 

                              Claiming what Doctor  Deleuze

.A member of the immanence of the world sweeping in on itself as the love bust.

Should us immanentists trust the new face the internation Church especially the 'benevolent' emanating from Rome?

Well you know the old adage?     
  since you do we won't trust until it's no longer what  it is. we're not discussing good intentions here but the power of millenia.

 transcendence has been a  gangster signifier not a singer   ...... 

its agents performing the totalization of repression as sentimentality

    the unhappy consciousness of the poste hegelians in the form of their various
contemporary emissaries 

ie Bad  i o   u

 and his various phony cronies 
no matter how prolific.