ask yourself twice


    Now ask yourself twice did I really think what I thought I did, did I really pursue a new thought bending around some corner where the twice felled gods a(rose) and clambered past the mighty sheets of time and

self conceit not deceiving yourself into a generational arrogance what believes believing its own shit? its own wit,

its own bellicose drama

not an idea, at all in that instance,

but a namby pamby crybaby repetition of the same and copying someone else's ideas.

Not idears, or ideas, but Id eas what's that Id eas?

 Plato stared at the cave long, and enough was past time it's reckoned second soup. Like Christ dying on the cross

right to the teeth his bones dying and crying out,

Lama Lama

 and was Christ jesus the gesso goat? the pain of 5000 years of civilization dormant forgiving and reconciling itself,

Christ first messiah of the sun and the resurrection of all matter across the universe

                 not Jesus the certain identity of a person

but Christ, the Christ the Sign of a new Burst burned in the sun of Future Matter

                                                           and Metaphysical

across                          over the radiant hours of               life of   death          of birth,

                                              and forever going on

                                                  Incomprehensible future

forged in the anthropology of human life and destiny, as it was,  this man of the future  .

                                              Eternal ripped in the becomings of forever