dare to audio

raid radio O sound wave O particle dust
O Pirate O paper cup tin can wire crossing lane round sound tin can to ground coming in coming comin in corning ware

dare dare radio has
interesting cusp
of folding over

The Concept at Radio dare dare is described by its inventor |
DAREDX is by Matthew Biederman (VA2XBX) and is part of DARE-DARE's programming for the 2008 season.|
in the flowing following words
"We live in a world full of devices which enable people to communicate with one another. Consequently, we also live in a world full of the ele

tromagnetic waves emitted from these devices. Their signals travel throughout the atmosphere seeking communication with other compatible devices. The signals are silent and invisible to us unless we are equipped with the correct coupling device that can receive and interpret them. Using other parts of the spectrum allows us to ’see’ inside the body, or far into deep space. Even other frequencies of the spectrum allow us to speak and see each other from long distances without the assistance of wires.

As humans, we are outfitted with a set of narrow-band receivers ‘built-in’. For instance, our eyes are attuned to sense a particular set of frequencies of the spectrum (visible light), and our ears another. When we add devices, we enhance our the ability to receive and understand many more signals than our bodies can natively. Our cell phones, WiFi enabled computers, televisions, and radios all receive signals from different subsets of frequencies along the same electromagnetic spectrum. In a sense then, all of these devices can be seen as an augmentation of the body, a prosthetic allowing us to see and hear parts of the spectrum to which our eyes and ears are normally blind and deaf, respectively."

Matthew's ideas are interesting and verge somewhere along the line of the macro and micro floodgate of radio as freeing becoming expression.

Having once done radio of a sort for five years

my old Show
Ways of Escape

on 102.3 on the FM Radio Centreville

we too
speak the microphone

One think o f the great days of Radio ALice and the network of free experimental radio in Italy that Guattari was involved with ... yes rhizome of radio. secret mouth to ear to mouth to ear in the night. Turn on yer Radio.