The joyf oreading/writing with Deleuze

----------- Finally someone speaks of Joy Desire Expression and River of Flow.

This post today Professor Challenger is excerpted from a paper in progress.

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who describes his blog as _ link at the bottom of this "page". I cannot find the name of the author and we've not read it in detail but the title was enough to catch Mona's eye, and Jill. So Professor Challenger in audioghostling becomings has posting s its thousand through passage. Its difference plateau against metaphor. Le schizoanalysis des machine. Of cut and fold. Lap and scuppered into the infinity of desire.

ATP = A Thousand Plateaus
B = Bergsonism
DR = Difference and Repetition
EXP = Expressionism in Philosophy: Spinoza
SPP = Spinoza: A Practical Philosophy
WP = What is Philosophy

* refers to endnotes for each section

* Already it should be obvious by the title that I will be working with my own reading of Deleuze’s philosophy. I focus mainly on his solo primary texts (Difference and Repetition, Expressionism in Philosophy, Spinoza: A Practical Philosophy, Bergsonism), his texts with Guattari (A Thousand Plateaus, What is Philosophy?), and a few secondary sources by Williams, Marks, Hardt, and May (See Bibliography). However, before moving on, I want to state that my reading of Deleuze is not a faithful reading, in that it completely resembles and dissects Deleuze’s philosophy—it rather disfigures, transforms, and even departs at times from his philosophy. I think this is necessary since Deleuze’s philosophical project is different from mine. Therefore, this project will involve two movements: attempts to understand certain aspects of Deleuzian philosophy, and my own forays and departures from his philosophy.

--------------------- Departures arrivals. As some sun rises as of to fall. it Sweeps the sweetened ridge of beckoned hope.



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