Jill's encounter with Felix Fanny

Her encounter. Endocrine Jill to Felix Fanny faithful Guattari was strummed by guiattari stringing .A long. a path of quantum leaping. AS lovers do. their kept up drum was Strong. Writing.
My encounter with Felix Guattari changed a lot of things. Felix already had a long history of political involvement and of psychiatric work. He was not a philosopher by training, but he had a philosopher-becoming all the more for this, and many other becomings too. He never stopped. Few people have given me the impression as he did of moving at each moment; not changing, but moving in his entirety with the aid of a gesture he was making, of a word which he was saying, of a vocal sound, like a kaleidoscope forming a new combination every time. Always the same Felix, yet one whose proper name denoted something which was already happening, and not a subject. Felix was a man of the group, of bands or tribes, and yet he is a man alone, a desert populated by all these groups and all his friends


Felix had the flexible
Was round the buttocked edge of Round perfectness.

, al
l his becomings...

All these stories of becomings, of nuptials against nature, of a-parallel evolution, of bilinguism, of theft of thoughts, were what I had with Felix. I stole Felix, and I hope he did the same for me.
Do I steal from you steel Lover?

NUptials of lover. Mouth. Comed to her Ring.