Voila ~Gilles Deleuze à Vincennes, 4, 5, 6. (sub. ITA)

Vincennes 4

Ma troisiemme these.... and the laughter of the students after he dropped the chalk
tells volumes of the beauty of the moment and unfolding of the nonredundance and desire taking place
if classrooms were like this now......

Music and Silence and lines of ABolition ...
and death ~ as if a line of abolition tracked us!

Vincennes 5

Vincennes 6

Felix Guattari and Deleuze cospeaking and colecturing in this segment of Proust and black holes...
If you want to get how spooky these tapes are try playing them at the same time.. then the uncanniness of the voices over time
comes over
deterritorialing its moment
as it's being heard
and seen
now in the becomings