the grandjeur


The grandeur of Badiou is that of an elder in philosophy. He becomes more beautiful with age. His work acquires the heights, his battle driven self to ___ Utopian old Maoist
this integrity is that of greatness.

--------------philosophy is a day by day thing. so grandeur and smaller change

______________________And the
grand? gaze of the philosopher.

__________________________(shld. we say grand again?)

___________________________ Connections here and 'What is Philosophy....'

' ...art is always already there, addressing the thinker with the mute and

scintillating question of its identity while through constant invention and

metamorphosis it declares its disappointment about everythin
g that the

philosopher may have to say about it.'

Call it the humility of


________________ you say before Art.
_________________ Do you mean before Art comes into being?
____________________before its Event?