the last and

|Sartre is the only deleuzian|

some idiots on the internet
and perhaps in books. want to demon_ Strate_ Demon _ Strata- desirours of turning molecules into
strata, to fix the particle flow into igneous rock

they a re strataists ~ noslagiaists malaise_ists they are re-activists __ sentimentalists__

jibbering 'bout jargon__ they are in Guattari's words 'conservative reterritorializers' .. they find something
good and hating and fearing its intensity and novelty want to fix it back into past terms

postmodern is shit __ we were not even modern ~

Sartre, on the other hand, is the first and last Deleuzian. he probably only read five pages

yet his body is Deleuzian and DeleuzianGuattari. Sartre's body is the body of the two
of the DG of his body is the DG
______________________this is a fantasy