Subject and Appearance:research

O to be in England now...

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On Alain Badiou’s
Theory of the Subject and Logics of Worlds----------------------------------------------------------------------the logi c of worlds!~

Friday 20 November 2009
Bolivar Hall, 54 Grafton way, London WC1 5DL

10.20 Introduction, Peter Hallward


Bruno Bosteels Theory of the Subject
(Cornell University, NY)

Kristin Ross ‘Badiou, Mallarmé and the Commune’
( New York University)

11.15 Discussion
Chair: Peter Hallward

12.30 Lunch break

1.45 APPEARANCE-weird choice of word Like its some saint coming down!

Alberto Toscano Logics of Worlds
(Goldsmiths, London)

Ali Alizadeh ‘Badiou and Hegel’
(CRMEP, Middlesex University)

2.30: Discussion
Chair: Peter Osborne

3.45 Break

4.00 Subject, Appearance, Politics
Panel: Ali Alizadeh, Bruno Bosteels, Nina Power, Kristin Ross, Alberto Toscano

Chair: Éric Alliez

4.30 Closing discussion

5.00–6.30 Reception

Continuum has kindly provided access to the following extracts from the books, to which we plan to pay particular attention:

Theory of the Subject

  • preface, pp. xxxviii-xlii (following the translator's introduction)
  • pp. 98-110 (Mallarmé)
  • pp. 259-274 (the inexistent)

Logics of Worlds


  • pp. 141-152 (Hegel)________ O my its Hegel!
  • 217-221 (postulate of materialism)___________Do we really Have Bodies?
  • 277-289 (retroaction)_______________ retro thought?
  • 321-324 (the inexistent)______________________> provocative title
  • 363-380 (Commune, and in particular pp. 376-380)________ The Paris Commune
  • the most important social event of the last 1000 years

The event is free but reservation is essential. Contact Tom Eyers on: TE122@live.mdx.ac.uk.

The event has been organised with the generous support of the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela, and with funding from the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy.