toot a quick re view

a nose

centres the text-piecegathers the harlequinstraps the chastity
weans the deterritorywavers its mute
tinkers its toot!

(the doctor, Dostoevsky,comes to my bed)

( David Cooper 1965 Hospital ward... something about the nose
that knows its own gnosis)

(G__l is worried about her age
she's a cleaning woman
in her spare time
wonders about the love affairs
fans she's having )

(a man loves her
calmly clandestinely)


(in Berlin that winter we ate rats)

(O come along the Jewish cog is not
Immanent! its transcendent you pig~!)
(Roast its high hearth once
you'll see ... beforewarned
I've said so)

(the cup of tea
you cant drink
is the honest one
grasps god's effulgence
in the kabbala somewhere....Abba Abba
is MoMa


(A female god
for the word
composed flesh
with the
a monolithic
a toaster
an oven
a breaking begining
at the start of all genesis
and review
for the High and Mighty!

(You bastard that everyone knows a schizophrenic
poem ...bullshit schizophrenic my ass...)

(if I had a glass pen
I'd toss it in the river
hoping another 'd catch it up
spinning across his
brogue )