Turn to the Left turn to the Right

'---- There is no doubt that Foucault's analysis of capitalism is carried out in the context of and to a certain extent in opposition to the Marxist analysis of capitalism. However by Marxist analysis Foucault does not mean the work of Marx but a set of Marxist doctrines guarded and monopolised by communist parties. '
Rizi means the Communist Party of France and the Stalinist gangster.s

Foucault dreamt of the emergence of “(a) left culture that was not Marxist" in this sense. He wonders about the possibility of the “forms of thought and analysis that are not irrationalistic, that are not coming from the right and that moreover are not reducible to Marxist dogmatism . . .(and) to what extent is it possible to conduct a theoretical, rational, scientific program of research that can surpass the laws and

dogmatism of dialectical materialism” (Remarks on Marx, pp. 94-95).
Foucault goes so far as to pose the question of revolution and its viability as a question of transcending the inherent link between Marxism and revolution. The fundamental question is “(h)ow can European revolutionary movements free themselves from the ‘Marx effect’ the institutions typical of nineteenth and twentieth century Marxism?… (and it is a matter of) calling (into) question of the equation Marxism = the revolutionary process, an equation that constituted (a) kind of dogma….” (power/knowledge, p. 57).'
Ali Rizvi ~ foucauldian reflections
It's refreshing to read something along these line especially after all the blather that shoots out of the mouths of some contemporary thinkers  and their  fanciful 'Leninizing ' of ideas. All talk is what you get there, and the end results in nothing but