It's interesting

 To my knowledge neither Foucault  or Derrida ever acknowledged Guattari. 

Neither his role as a political figure  in any of the domains he worked in nor as a philosopher or co-author with  Deleuze . And indeed as the co-creator.

It was  so rare at the time, so undone (what guattari et deleuze were doing)  that these other men, Foucault Derrida,
being the fierce singular figures that they were could not 



the doubloons doubleness

Deleuze acquired

by working and multiplyIng  (go forth and multiply!) with
Mister Felix

this new type of alliance

But Deleuze, the old man
the older thinker
knew better
he saw further

(even if it turned that Foucault
didn't like Antioedipus)

(which we cant be sure
of because the biographies
of philosophers
are filled with half truths,
deceptions and conceptions
monstrous wooings
anxious forebodings
and jubilant
as are the lives
of poems

so fiction

is the true parameter

as Michel Foucault
once stated
All my works are fiction
but that does not make them false')

(elementary my chère Claire
rudimentary  mon plus
et intercesseur


Recently a young woman inquired of me where would I begin reading the works of Deleuze and Guattari that you are so impassioned about?

I said read Antioedipus of course.

And listen to this music
or that music. But listen and read with your heart breath. But not your brain head. that come later books have their time.  Just like music of this sort has its time.

      Carl Maria von Weber
      La Gorge-aux-loups (extrait de Der Freischütz, fin de l'acte II)
      Matti Salminen, Kaspar, premier chasseur
      Ekkehard Schall, Samiel, le chasseur noir
      Endrik Wottrich, Max, le deuxième chasseur
      Rundfunkchor Berlin
      Orchestre Philharmonique de Berlin
      Nikolaus Harnoncourt, direction

      Sergueï Prokofiev
      Sept, sont sept op.30
      Jaroslav Kachel, ténor
      Choeur Philharmonique de Prague
      Orchestre Philharmonique tchèque
      Karel Ancerl, direction


CD they return up the Acheron
the ghost of Foucault
marries the ghost
of Guattari
singing on the rooftops
to every student in her dreams