whats with the audio

                                        Tuning into Radio Deleuze f.m. a.m.||||||||||||||||||| turn on them mutant percepts ladies and                                                                                                                              genitalmenzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz________________________________

                             CP __ what's with the audio overlays                                         here                                  is radiodeleuze going 'live'

                       CD __ You could say that Cp slowly but surely our radio station
                                               is growing antennae

Cp ___ is this really happening is there a date one expect these things to emerge?

CD well you know Cp these things being of various
strata or their escaped molecular lines

                           have their own time... so
                                                       let's see what happens..... eh?


CP hugs him quickly..... gets her jacket back on ... heads off to the local cafe......