Shame on those terrible administrators for suspending some students and professors for their legitimate support of the campaign to roll back the closure of the philosophy department__ what is this___but a return to old style tactics__ a throw back to the days when people were punished and banished for rightful protest … .

Clifford Duffy Ph.d graduate (2009) of 
Le Département d’études anglaises de l’Université de Montréal
(you can call me the schizoanalytic doctor)
Posted here and at the Save Middlesex Blog: For more information about the situation and how you can be helpful do visit their site and their facebook page.

And  reposted here the update about the expelling of students and professors    from  Middlesex campus:

Philosophy students and staff suspended

Some Middlesex University Philosophy students, along with Philosophy professors Peter Osborne and Peter Hallward, were suspended from the University this afternoon. Hallward and Osborne were issued with letters announcing their suspension from the University with immediate effect, pending investigation into their involvement in the recent campus occupations. The suspension notice blocks them from entering University premises or contacting in any way University students and employees without the permission of Dean Ed Esche (e.esche@mdx.ac.uk) or a member of the University’s Executive.
The Campaign,
Friday afternoon, 21 May 2010.