we shall should?

what creeps between ought shall and is is become. its round. figure. 

forth. gambling on the tone of time's teeter. Not tobe held by the classic 

rhythms yet breaking around their wake rock its flood. but I m doing it here and this is not . or its .                      like you say               whatever   the water                           rolls around a whale back fin

                           composed of plateaus. 
but only for laughs. Each morning we would wake up, and                         each of us ROARED

______________________writing five lines
here, ten there ...hallucinatory experiences, we watched lines leave     columns of tiny ants...circles
                                of convergence. Each plateau can be read star________________________so its here that machines replace the old problem of 'form and expression and the rigidity of literary necessity.
y constructs it; no typographical cleverness, no lexical
agility, no blending or creation of words, no syntactical boldness, can

dimension for an image-book

we shall shall we?