In the Twinkle

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Miller reads ~ passages of great depth and tears, tear wrenching soul gawking heart bending throat catching love lodes _ he is describing having to bring his cousin Emilia to the asylum at the behest of his family ___ It turns out she's a harmless hapless person... It's most strange listening to this account as it reads like a classic textbook case of the later work of Joe Berkes, Laing , and Guattari and others who intervened to assist and aid the very same types of people who continued to be victims, locked up and shackled one way or the other by the same types of families and civic bodies... the world's not changed much in 100 years...
"Henry you take her to the asylum tomorrow and

"And Now I am going to tell what these bastards said to me: During the journey I wept ... When people are too good in this world, they have to be put under lock and key. There's something wrong with people are who are too good ~ Even though she was a half wit she was good to me... the others are more intelligent but their hearts were bad.... I remember how happy she

was when she saw me coming... Why couldn't they make a place for her by the fire..a spot she

could just dream... why must everybody work? even the Saints and angels, why must

half-wits set an example? '

Pieced and figment pigmented stitched of pieces life

the cows by the first name... where does the moon go during the day...

even a puppy knows when its been taken to a pound to be drowned

I sobbed as I have never sobbed since I was a childhood.... no one looks exceptional ... you have to be crazy to see things so lucidly..

now if you're great it's one thing people will do anything for you..

but if you're only half great ... or nobody then what happens to you is lost...