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___________Just the title is enough to please. from this translator__________________

What Concepts Do: Preface to the Chinese Translation of


Thousand Plateaus

Citation Information. Deleuze Studies. Volume 4, Page 1-15 DOI 10.3366/E1750224110000772, ISSN 1750-2241, Available Online March 2010

  Brian Massumi Giant translator of the Epic One Thousand Plate   AusSSSSSSSSSSS ____

 CP: CD did you see Massumi back in the days of Vincennes.

CD:  O yes yes, I don't remember when I first noticed it as I've explained previous my head was often a haze of  . in them days. as it was the world was. Yet, it was the early 80s. You see there were so many there and we certainly did not all meet each other!  And as I had been sort of immersed in the milieus of so many kinds of people, it was hard to keep up, and as I told you I was not a student of philosophy... and I wouldn't say now O now I m not howerever back then ___ which back then?You know the by now somewhat notorious story of the concierge and others like it, the elevator man who used to go each week, ne'er spoke, nary a word from he uttered. Some people later said
it must have been the ghost of

Maurice Merleau Ponty who as you know was a midget .  And my girlfriend had her entourage she got to know some of the french intellectuals who were feminist and one of whom managed to save a lot of the old films or reels really, of Deleuze teaching ...

CP :So you are saying you didn't know him?
CD: that's practically  what I am saying . I had no idea who he was. I supposed if I had seen him I would said
O what a giant

O what a giant genius

A gentle giant of the white thighs  ~

beauty and pierced pure intelligence. The geniusof translating this text of   machine and organless bodies.

Later years Mister Massumi, did a favour for me sending me through a friend an article of Guattari's I wanted to read . Not being able to get hold of it myself. A musician  studying with him asked if he'd track down a copy. U see he had 
transferred it to Anglish way back.
and He did. very nicely and fast. Quick as the messenger service of the world mail can allow at that time. before email and such. just at the start really of its heyday

And that article was something felix guttari had written about Jean Genet my bastard father.

I was keen to read . for all sorta reason. one being i was keen to see how Guattari read Genet . and to see it fare with Uncle Sartre's take and maybe Mistah Dereader's  idears. As in Glas and so forth comparing to Saint Geneti

Geneti used to say that Uncle Sartre had alway. Got it right down pat with the Saint book. Hed say if someone asked O yes he was right righ on through everything he wrote about me is true. It was one 

had the impress
a proje t the two had going One to a write book about
the other
and the

Other to agree

(Other was the Biggest word Sartre liked. He
also was diggin big on Unreal and Derealize.
all of which reminded
of reterritory
 but who had you read first?
Sartre but I heard and saw Deleuze first.
Sarte was a figure of the smoky past
of the existential


_______________ But

there's more to that than
Meets the Eye

Right Mister Guanetti



 God rest his soul
in the fat waves
of immanent
ga~Love |

& the mighty folding of  its embrace   ~  

______________________ CP: Are you missing teeth, not all but a  few?
CD: O yea ....I thought you knew why do you ask...? 
CP: Sometimes you leave out letters when you speak  as in this word
right  and its sometimes
you leave out


at the end

so it sounds like on the tapes
that you had said
righ  ~ 

as in rye  ~
So I transcribe it the same way and as its I mean these tapes are not edited
(maybe never to be) I leave them
as it sounded

CD : that's good, I like that. its like not wearing a bra,
 becoming Bosch or JJ
and others
ago ~  
  gone   ~