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"Call the strings or
rods that move the puppet the weave. It might be objected that its multiplicity
resides in the person of the actor, who projects it into the text.
Granted; but the actor's nerve fibers in turn form a weave. And they fall
through the gray matter, the grid, into the undifferentiated... . The interplay
approximates the pure activity of weavers attributed in myth to the

Fates or Norns." An assemblage is precisely this increase in the dimensions
of a multiplicity that necessarily changes in nature as it expands its
connections. There are no points or positions in a rhizome, such as those
found in a structure, tree, or root. There are only lines. When Glenn 

speeds up the performance of a piece, he is not just displaying virtuosity, he

is transforming the musical points into lines, he is making the whole piece

Rhizome 9