__ CP enter the head studio . She wear peacenik cloth. She wear nonretronostalgic get-up of present weartearthread. Her body loosehem gardenrobe.
cAN YOU explain for our listener your previous comment .... you mention breaking off with other artists. Yet as far as I know you never had a group you were working with. Yes, you worked with Franny and the girls. In there oui. And in the 70's and some 80's with performance . 
Is there a project I knew not of? Of not new? Performance clandestine?

CD: I said ____ apparently __ but not being a prize winner _ I cant remember anything_ not being academic __ matter_ not being short listed __ what does I know of memorize  ___ My memory is verb _ anyhow, not being at all is what. And he said I said : or wrote did I write he said did I write said at

'thats one of the reason I 'broke' off communicating with artists
who are writing under the
mistaken pretence|| that they are themselves when writing and doing art|||___ many of these artists are doing things in what are perceived as
critical,||  genre breaking modes..____, in my view, they are not doing this' radio deleuze___| Yet 
though this was said its not like you were ever . You cannot have 'broken' as you were not ever in touch. Was there a  moment this was ? SHe tag him butter to the weed. Kesus turn around|Come to Mary M. She lover to the skin of body.   Ever to the folding range of. Mouth of rhythm to. Come thy afflictions the cross betweens explain and inplain. One speak of plain and plane. And rereoplane. Does have geography of roamning? How does it

________________________In this version of  story. Kesus is in bed with the Queen of Angleland. The boy has  a buttock.  Over come Merry Mag. She want to action. After the end. Overcome animal ugly. Or is this the famous plex? Come along lovely. Cannot she

CP : Cd is not writing directly these days . He is moving into indirect undirected thought and prose practice.

 CD: thank you CP