lambent torpor
alter'd tailor levity its lambent taper

'And philosophy's (poetry) always caught between an anger with the
way things are and the serenity it brings...'
CD: Poetry  [(as like when) Philosophy) darns its sock, the stockade breaks the lock clicking clutterin the messitsnnmade as when a  box floats up bank relics of its star time)] may have its great internal battles ... but
                           they're mock battles. Not being a power, (poetry) philosophy  can't battle with the powers that be, but it fights
a war without battles, a guerrilla campaign
against them

And it can't
it can't
Verse with them, it's go nothing to tell them, nothing
to communicate, and can only
negotiate. Since the powers aren't just external things,

but permeate each of us,
philosophy (poetry) throws us all into constant
negotiations with, and a guerrila campaign

Mona was biversal
she was her overover body
bloggist of desiring-buds
heart pumped the juicy jane
her glove
a tempting foot to s-
well the heartening

______ -----------------

her home address
was dadaduffy
was where her sisterbrother lodged. they was many pixels longerish her.

Her Uncle lived at


but her uncle was her brother
and Inluding in all movies

actually they all lived on the
plane of consistency

Now you see her secrets
she has no face


Because we know dont we each face is already a camera.
and is it a camera obscura Janet?
your obscure breasts speaking to me   ~ 
AT pOTTER'S a year or so before my first trip to Europe. and your breasts shining in the dark. the trips to europe i told no one about.

and the others to the great mountains in april 1970 reading
poetry keats wordsworth shelly yeats & whitman 
soon to become fiery names other 
names firey as the ball 

 and they tell you you don't work

where are you working now?
are you doing this that and some other obtuse thing...  doing dishes .. say... messenger man.. 
arden tiller

mail man
female man

man man

___________ lying on the mountains the rockies crevasse of sloping slant

up there hunting for god and the vision

___________ and