I obscure the words of the brain.
Did ya get it figured out/in? Dig yer word flashing over this hear screen.

its fantastic ecriture/writing.

when do we see more?
O sir of the pen cup cusp   ~

))))))))))))))))))))))))) Duffy ( Doctor schizoanalysis) (in situ) (figmenting) How doth it go? Inside the________________pragma? manprag?oomanprag? eedrag. O lefbeehinder wheel of rubble ? slimply pellfellroute mell.

the question is can you smoke a cigarette spell at the saimetyme? comealong ye heartlees, downwind yr straining bkooks are no flud.

tu cherche midi a quatorze heures? pourquoi donc?|||||||||||||||| O magialee you are the 

fluties of waistress.Yer waist is dynamic spelling health with its beautiful wheel. Je                                                                                                                                                     travaille nuit et jour et gagne même pas un sou. A  Irlande on est très pauvre. The first n'thirds are fairygood. Leibnitz fairyfell   ~

Love Deed Doctor Schizoanalytic  ~ and the perilous period  ~