I blogged this video about  a year.  back Back  ~ Butyet agin' Im doing it now with more information about the artist and links to her website. I find her work innovative , unusual, provocative and Joyful. A diversity of things and objects. new objects new means. Rhthms unknown in contrast to the usual predictable metric subject object paradigm

Yacine Sebti sounds &; images with the KRL, a new instrument for digital performance invented by Rémi Dury and presented at iMAL, Tech Meeting#2, 27 Nov 2007, Brussels

Perhaps I am over-estimating his work. Maybe not . maybe I underestimate. Maybe its between the two and does not matter . what does matter is that it is Fun.   We need Fun. I once did a big show called , on the contrary , No More Fun.

That was a Punketariat installation performance with 5 others that lasted 6 days. Vast wall size collage, hours and hours of recordings  and live performance of poetry. Punketariat was ragged and punk  ~  nowadays the times have changed  ~ 
_________________ Yacine's  website contains interactive video  ~ installations which to me refers to a sort of outside the subect whereby the movement of things is what counts.  Counting is a poetic motion and therefore.
Times have changed Yacine's work has clean edges  both in itsformatting and presentation of its expressions.

 Yacine think of the name: Not Racine__ not rooted bu t chaotic boated   ~is Yacine est un homme ou une femme . Peut-etre elle est deux. Entre god and deux.

This is  a quote from
another installion
called Meet Somebody

'"Who is this other one? What place does he/she take in my reality, in my imagination? How and how far can we meet each other?" 

its already

 what is time? what is time anyhow?