The First Chilean Miner Is Rescued

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___________________One can see in this rescue the geology of love in action. Men rescued from the strata of the under ~ earth 
to the 


of the 

surface  ~ 

Chilean miners being rescued at last and their ascent'll continue through the night ~ 

from the huffington post

 "LIVE BLOG BELOW*** Rescue operations to bring 33 trapped miners to the surface are officially underway in Chile. The miners have been trapped underground for more than two months. Efforts to surface them will take place on an individual basis using a specially built cage. The AP reports that the only media allowed to record images of the men emerging from the shaft will be a government photographer and Chile's state television channel. When the 33 miners were determined to be alive in late August, it was said that it could take up to four months to get them all out alive. One of the trapped miners, 19-year-old Jimmy Sánchez, wrote an emotional letter to a relative just days ago. Scroll down for live updates as rescue efforts develop and keep checking back for the latest information. A big thanks to HuffPost's Roberto Alamos Moreno (@ralamosm) for keeping us updated on the local news as it plays out in Antofagasta, Chile."   Craig Kanalley And Adam Rose 

 To read the blog referrred to above follow this link to Huffingtonpost   ~ So the world is filled with good news and good will  ~ 

11:16 PM ET First Miner Is Free

Florencio Ávalos is free, emerging from the mine and into the arms of a family that hasn't seen him for 69 days. Tears of joy are flowing. President Piñera was at the mouth of the hole to greet Ávalos, as well. He is the first of 33 miners to escape from under roughly 2,300 feet of rock.
Ávalos was able to stand, but was quickly whisked away for an anticipated medical evaluation. This was just the first step for the miner, but it was perhaps the biggest in his journey back to civilization.
Church bells and fire stations alarms are ringing throughout the country. The wails of car horns are joining the cacophony of joy that can be heard in places like Antofagasta, a northern city about 300 miles from the mine.
Another rescuer, Roberto Ríos, is already being prepped to go back down into the shaft.

Live blog excerpt  

12:16 AM ET Sepúlveda's Screams Of Joy

Mario Sepúlveda had been screaming during his ascent, but everything was OK. In fact, it's better than OK. Sepúlveda is now a free man, the second miner to emerge in Chile.
And he wasn't screaming alone, at least not after he came out of the hole. Sepúlveda led loved ones and rescuers in Chile's national cheer.
Perhaps the ham of the group, it appears that he didn't come up the shaft alone -- he brought some souvenirs! The extroverted miner pulled rocks out from a satchel and started handing them to people all around.
Turning to Mining Minister Laurence Golborne, Sepúlveda said "Hola Jefazo!" That translates to "Hi Big Boss!"
Is there any question why he was the narrator for the videos?

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2:18 AM ET 4 Up, 29 To Go

Juan Illanes and Carlos Mamani, the third and fourth miners, have been welcomed back to the surface. Everything appears to be running smoothly in the Chile rescue with 29 miners yet to come up (plus a few rescue personnel who have descended to assist underground).
We'll continue live blogging throughout the night, but it's likely that the rescue will continue as a workmanlike performance. Updates will be less frequent (and hopefully not too dramatic), but if you have any stories/pictures/videos that we should share, send a tweet to @adjoro or email to arose-at-huffingtonpost.com