Top hat St. Vitus


 Corry Shores connects  
what Gilles Deleuze saw as 
the different elements perceived   across a  spectrum of possiblities     the step,  and its  hesitation , a breath and a  life     .
   from there we are just  a few feet
short of a St. Vitus dance ,

perhaps a farandole of madcap movements ` accidently trailing their own becoming   ~ .

"Between the motor step and the dance step there is sometimes what Alain Masson calls a 'degree zero', like a hesitation, a discrepancy, a making late, a series of preparatory blunders (Sandrich's Follow the Fleet), or on the contrary a sudden birth (Top Hat). [Deleuze Cinema 2, 1989: 58d]

____ From the Deleuze Cinema Project   ~________________