expose the expository rule

Just a note brief however howsoever brief to its believing requesting      the word? I am not a good 

                     expository writer it takes me hours to pen to write even the simplest essays and what not

and really really O  really?
(O wit would be a polemic)

So what I do really is  what I write when I aint writing poetr y  ,,    as such is  really ,,  is 
what I write 
                                        (watch those commas ) Deleterious as the page  ~   
is prose poetry a kind of ,,, poetry prose

so when I wrote about just before Corry Shore's Cinema work I could hardly gulp for writing as it does not come natural to me to 

write an essay about
,,what I always write is a  type of prose poetry  ~ for what is expository writing to a writer like me but a way to remove myself from my 'best' subjects those internal to me

whereas I am moved by many others, I am moved by the beauty and intelligence of Pirate Corry Shores and his infinitely fine shores of learning beauty and learning as one alway does but I  I must go about the long way round the 

long way as round I go in 

S ow  when writing this writing I write prose poetry as its exposition of the discursive is love's sheer body   ~