Captured PlanE-__ the areoplane of conSistEnCy

here, cutting edges of deterritorialization become operative and lines of
deterritorialization positive and absolute, forming strange new becomings,

Ring up like a cash register  ~

'cept they aint no total 

new polyvocalities. Become clandestine, make rhizome everywhere,

 for the for the wonder of a nonhuman life to be created. Face, my love, you have


finally become a probe-head... Year zen, year omega, year co... Must we we , must
we wonder must
we omega

leave it at that,             three states, and no more:                  primitive heads, Christ-face, and


          So Jill wrote

                                                                              Mona wrote back: she rote black
to say

"regression. In truth, there are only inhumanities,"

But filling in between
the stylics tic
genius of beauty

"humans are made exclusively of inhumanities, but very different ones, of

very different natures and speeds. Primitive inhumanity, prefacial inhumanity,"

 And Franny's comment was get that typewriter clean!
Your spelling is awful.

has all the polyvocality of a semiotic in which the head is a part of
the body, a body that is already deterritorialized relatively and plugged
into becomings-spiritual/animal. 

Beyond the face lies an altogether different

inhumanity: no longer that of the primitive head, but of "probe-heads";_______________________________________Many immaculate probeheads've come an gone. So they say. With their horses and little hans.
So Challenger roared
his son of Deleuze
in the beckoning
calling to him

acrass the grace grave   ~