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The Eastern wind is getting the better of the Western one. How much longer will the poor and dark West, the “international community” of those who still think of themselves as masters of the world, continue to give lessons of good management and behaviour to the whole planet? Isn't it laughable to see certain intellectuals on duty, disconcerted soldiers of the capital-parliamentarism that stands as a shabby paradise for us, offering themselves to the magnificent Tunisian and Egyptian peoples in order to teach these savage populations the basics of “democracy”? 

What a distressing persistence of colonial arrogance! Given the miserable political situation that we are experiencing, isn't it obvious that it is us who have everything to learn from the current popular uprisings? 

Shouldn't we, in all urgency, closely study what has made possible the overthrow through collective action of governments that are oligarchic, corrupt and—possibly, above all—humiliatingly the vassals of Western states?
Yes, we should be the pupils of such movements, and not their stupid teachers. That is because, through the genius of their own inventions, they give life to some political principles that some have been trying for so long to convince us that they are outdated. And especially the principle that Marat never stopped reminding us of: when it comes to freedom, equality, emancipation, we owe everything to popular uprisings.

Tunisie, Egypte : quand un vent d'est balaie l'arrogance de l'Occident

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Peut-on sérieusement penser que ces innombrables initiatives et ces sacrifices cruels n'ont pour but fondamental que de conduire les gens à "choisir" entre Souleiman et El Baradei, comme chez nous on se résigne piteusement à arbitrer entre MM. Sarkozy et Strauss-Kahn ? Telle serait l'unique leçon de ce splendide épisode ?

Non, mille fois non ! Les peuples tunisiens et égyptiens nous disent : se soulever, construire le lieu public du communisme de mouvement, le défendre par tous les moyens en y inventant les étapes successives de l'action, tel est le réel de la politique populaire d'émancipation. Il n'y a certes pas que les Etats des pays arabes qui soient anti-populaires et, sur le fond, élections ou pas, illégitimes. 

Quel qu'en soit le devenir, les soulèvements tunisiens et égyptiens ont une signification universelle. Ils prescrivent des possibilités neuves dont la valeur est internationale.
Alain Badiou, philosophe