Chiasm... flesh... the train strange world of connecting

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 An excerpt of Corry Shores inventing and reinventing  of  Merleau-Ponty & Doctor Deleuze  ~

He poses questions, he asks them as well, and what's just as exciting is that 
reading him is a pleasure. And who wants to read a philosopher's who's boring.

Reading Corry Shore's writing is never boring _ it's always a rapid joy
of happiness and discovery    ~.
 So readers ___>

Butchering Merleau-Ponty's Flesh:Chiasm, Intertwining and a Deleuzean Alternative

What does the chiasmic flesh of the world got to do with us?

'We walk around our world. It stays in its place. We seem to be separate. No wonder we pollute the world so much.

 It seems to be outside us.

 But we were only able to walk around the world because we could see it or sense it in some manner. 

The fact that we sense the world puts us in touch with it.'

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