Q: Did y ou go to england first?

CD: _______________yes .

________________Tape clogs__________________________

Q: Vincennes ... what year was the first time you attended...

CD: __________________; 1973 ? I was with the woman I've told you of... we were there .. between a trip to England and Kingsley Hall. _____________________ it was the great schizoio days (and night) _____________________________________;

Writing  ___________ the air of change constant /vibrating /firing hearts and bodies into unforeseen ___________________ Becomings is what the ... we called him names... affectionate ones... he was remote and close at the same time....

you know Professor Challenger__________________ and his double articulated voicings______________________

___ went to Italy _______________________________________

Q: Were you a real student writing essays and so on ____________

CD; NO! no! not at all! ________________I was a young poet hippy traveler ____________

Q: What  had you been  doing  in Britain?

CD_ first there in 1970___________ aquickly fast trip ________

and bum around ________then it was in Paris
_____________________No I was not a student of any sort for many many years.