more part and whole

------------||||||||||||||||-----More of this con VeRsa-------------ition----------

so the whole's beside the part as equal but not identical ____________>

However lets see some things: It happens  (writing)
in 20 th century poetry __________out of a necessity created by the author as Tzara states _______________________

Now with Artaud it comes out of another screaming space

the terror of the body without organs 

  Tzara's necessity and the Joycean possibilities _____________>

________________Artaud is somewhere between  this/these

He is neither works from necessity nor possibility _______________________________ and  this makes his position
different fromthat of Tzara and  other contemporary poets ________________________ He tries to explain this in his 
letters to the guy from the NRF___ what was his name?

I cant remember but itseasy to find out ______ he tells him I am not like, not even like these other guys,
they write freely out of their unconscious
whereas I am trapped there
 or I have to hack my way around ___________> he says
I love Tzara but I am not like him

i do not flow I choke
I spurge I bifurcate __________I crack in two and four before the word thought that is my being ___
 The word is a body that's crushed in Artaud's mouth organ

_______For Tzara , "La pensee c'est fait dans la bouche" and he writes from a vigorous necessity and he swings with it
but he does not suffer it 'internally ' in a n identical way to Artaud
__________________ Artaud is more like Beckett
in his problems with writing )_____(he writes
as its killing him almost literally)_(more on
this later)_______________

One can see that  20th century poetry (and writing) distributes itself in spectrums
like this  (there are other names one can add to this 'list' but I'm citing these as known quantums)

  Tzara  <________________|________________>Artaud
                  (the bar in the
center is a sort of  Wall that fibrillates
or becomes cement like)

Joyce <----------------|-------------------> Kafka/Beckett


he tells him Look I am not speaking of problems with form
and the right word, I am speaking about my mind

 my own mind splitting in to pieces the thought
and word
 sundering /bifurcating


there are   incidences between these writers names and their texts ___
that accumulate into energies

_____   Tzara's prose poem __ Monsieur AA antiphilosophe  ~ Tzara's is the great polemecist and he is the poet of the Ear

What about Joyce's name __________________ Joy is a the center of it   ~

Comedy _________________

what am I getting at? does a name distribute a writer's destinty? across
the span of time and his works?