_____________ Duffy  made an error of OmiSSion

I wrote 'the launch of dialectics and its totalizing drives' Poor Tzara
must be turning over in his grave!

What Duffy meant was the Launch Against Dialectics. That is to say
That Tzara __  wrote against
  THe whole idea of it disgusted  him, he is revolted by it. He 'impounds' it in his 1918 essay polemic.

That the poetry of 20 century is composed of part wholes
that dont work in tandem. That the lucky ones like Tzara writing from
one language to another |

___________ You see it ends like that. As in a De Chirico staircase that halts. Bang .

And one can see in Tzara's 1918 Manifesto already the launch of dialectics and its totalizing drives. This was what disgusted Tzara the great ennui he vents against it _________________________________

Part whole dada___