Dialectics at last ___ it's a bit like Oedipus


It's Dialectic

not dialiectics!
(that spelling resembles some thing from hermeneutic!) 

 Duffy you a re so undialectical you can't even write it!

Anyhow, dialectics it's like Oedipus ___ now that echoes the AntiOedipus statement

That Oedipus blocks off the flows of the unconscious factory turning it into a theatre.

Similarly Tzara is against dialectics because it ends up proving what it already knew____________________________________> what does that mean? Does that mean that all of dialectics is useless or that Oedipus is useless ? __________________> No it does
not mean
that ___ to me what it becomes is this: How useful are these things?

It goes back to functions and juxtaposition_______________>

How can something be useful and productive in the sense of the unconscious factory being the maker and   ___
and not just the recipient of an Oedipal apparatus of triangulation ____

So Dialectics_________________ as  function okay but as truth creator as totalizer non.

Non merci!
_______________________________   Mister Duffy learns to
spell his dialect soup 

of ideas and things


 Create your own patois of ideas 
be a maker of machines 
_____________/ does it work?  that's the question