the blogs d isappeare d  

    where did they disappear to?

 they disappeared to democracy

poetry is a way of life

a way being in  the world

 an implication

at all times

even when you're dying~ Ah Mister Whitman you knew it all. didnt you .  not the abrupt high question of t he minister but the stepping surrender of the crowd. So O. goes that way. and Ah! goes that way. As the rolls go round its. 


and t hem that spend their time talkin about dont get a lot done holding back on their risks. so whats the thing? then but swining from the tree . and I dont mean the tree of good and bad and evil. and all that.  I mean the t ree of things the of being becoming  I mean the thing is it's not life if it's not energized 

So yer energize. and the dogma ones. them that write of poetry . not all mind you but the many of their midst the y live off the spoils of the poets. and the poets past and the poetry past . and thats good but it aint where the wave is and the pretence isthat they know. and can know. Or know how , and see thereby but they don't . anymore that even their closet closet! allies do. After all think of it re ader. A man who's paid to teach you about the this and that of a dead poet's work aint gonna tell the truth. he gonna say the things that keep his tricks behind his back and his pocket book full. Ladies sigh no more? Teachers, professors ever deceivers were.  _________________Are there good ones?
O the humble ones
them that knowthey limit

few an far bet ween their wraps and goods. and sales tax. and rubrics of good and right wrong and shape form and desciding who's who in poesy . Cause Poesy cant be given a grant anymore than Madness can. Cause its a way
a way o f life that says No to this one 
says No to its machine complex capital
it say. No there is another way to become . A man a woman a thing an object  a wind . and not all the copy cats of philosophers can change th at.

That. Tat is that Theravada? and the Theravade smile in

the buddhist camp  1977

__ And Saint Buddha's. She was a poster on my wall. And someone stole her. Who was who stole her? her coated deck of loving.  the great mother of the buddha. Her love body loving all. and wisdom as the silver bowl. she come to love and not play baroque cookies.

they crossed the earth for her love. men and their bones.
their madness

________________ the man was too hard headed.
he gotta do it in the nex' world. so then the jesus came.
and Nietzsche was wrong about that. Wrong about
that Resurrection and its . Multifolding   ~
and not the theological bastards with
they half baked theological arguments
watered down  but the great fierce 
force of Matter Returning 

_________________ we ''ll come back to this secret.welfare.