______________A Book wrote __________and readed________________

 Challenger: What's happening dude?
  C.D.   Read on! Doctor! an event of wave, and warehousing! Lodgind leaves! rooks in the brooks!  Maidens and middens! Mild workers, and a centry of stirring 'feeling'

Challenger: Ouaisouais....ça on revient à dire que c'est pas réductible à tout ça .

C.D. no more than revolts and popular uprisings are     ~ . Nothing is reducible. His voice ringing
in my ear.

 Now here's an interesting find. 

_______________________A book Farewell Weather to Fine Friends by one Clifford Duffy published in 1990. ______________________________ WHich is (like ) (like they say)
                                                  A Thousand years AGO!

Farewell Weather to Fine Friends (Paperback)
by Clifford Duffy (Author)

Found out there so to speak in the vast warehouse   of books floating about in bookstores somewhere or wherever they are kept. Doesn't bother me in the least!

 I wonder if it's a signed copy 

I also note , I am quite sure, the price is less than the book first was! Is that good or bad? I've no idea and I'm not sure .. O wait, it must have been 

bought second hand and its being sold third hand  as  "used" and in good condition !

I wonder if it's inscribed!

-----------------------I came across the item whilst looking for something else, to wit,

You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto (Vintage) [Paperback]Jaron Lanier (Author) which from what I understand is worthwhile reading


Farewell Weather to Fine Friends (Paperback)
by Clifford Duffy (Author)  __________Author! wonder what Foucault wld. say?

+ $3.99shipping 
Used - Good