Interview to dream word poetic

  Tape turned on C asking  ...:

      This man's written about you.

Clifford  Duffy: yes ..I think he's done a reasonable job. I've not written to the knight as a pledger of keys, a troth in pearl . ? Is that the word.I say Ave!
Aves   ~   !

it is a bird! a bird!   what then? hail then   !  ~ . 

thank you

 Thank you

' but not exactly a
  maize allotment '


 C. Parniture
you never speak directly  to the discourse in hand ?

C. D.  You don't think  ? I speak poetry out of the side of my mouth on the border of the left hand. It's all that I give as the demonstrating otherwise would bear. Something something something. Not that a telling does bad. But its bearable as suit. And tall story to its fricative noun .

C. Parniture: How many empty tropes forecast a dullness in your spirit.

C.Duffy  __ None kind lady as I must work, as . You know time's a big bad guitar. i gotta take every error and make  a thing of it. Running the humming. As do the others in the twisting an turning.

Love's a billclip and the slick young hips of spring's waist. No arguments just work.

(Nota Bene: emptry [see above]  is not a mistake but a chance displayed to its reckoning)

______________________ Tonights broadcast.