re: Interview to dream word poetic

________________________Addenda? is that how you spell O Jill O franny! O frictions!




deleuze has to say though that  Duffy does not hate  

Duffy does not hate the Public and the Public __ however various that is at a given time __ is also not hated.

___ C. Parniture Do you hate the public? C. Duffy no! I love the public! I love fame! I love money!

but i am a communist! I am gathering warm breast. I love the public . as for fame, it is not I who am unknown but the audience dear lover!

 So to Sir Knight Conrad .. correction: Monsieur . 

 Duffy genuinely does not hate the public and the 'pub's' taste for art __  that is too broad a category. Duffy is in fact, somewhere between   ,, Between all of these things    ~.

"Duffy genuinely hates the public and the public's taste for Art (perhaps Art itself)  ...."