Two... plateaus of flight

__I '

  Imagine      :         A philo cop delets the words (of a poetess from what I poetess ,,   to under  ,,   standing  ? standing ? underthe Hera
clitean fire    ,,  ~   f        rom hat I unnnnder stand                                   were int           eresting comments.APPARent A Parent is
either CommaNd or Suggest  ___  Apparently,  OeDiPus PaPpa  uses use use used     he use         she use they use
he parle je parle     tu parle nous parlon parlon nous Platon
dans so n     
           his 'face' book wall to promote his works only.And 
his 'face' book is a booka vase a  faCe a WallA bLack Hall BlaCk Hole wall FaCe a preFace a post log   a prorogue   rogue a rogue

  thus the philo cops cop to under  mining poetry 

  Poetry is a mine  the  HOmer the miner Homer the minor
Homer the minoritarian
 _____this line is 

  heard this story      : it puzzled me /it quizzed me  as the simile as  posture as the posture of the phiocop on    is notan not congrues congrue congrues        congruent with the use of the medium .  of the use medium use medium use of the medium 
                    What is a face 
 See the chapter on Facilaity in One Thousand Plateaus 

(face    the book) a poet writes books? How do a face and book
  connec t?
                            the book's face is a wall?
demonstrating the disjunctive syllogism gism gism 
    he suffers echolalia  suffers suffuses

   so check the whole scene out one can sense that elitist  
    flutter surrounding the particular page and  And one looks around    to a whole sideshow of followers and gollygapers of. intellectual highbrowers          . and a gaggle of "I Like " of "I likers'   
                   Like is a simile 
  like you know what I mean to mean is to know 
                I like she like they like 
                         we like you like
                    I guess? I guess guess guess 
                    it hurts to hear 

god what pretentous arses! arse to face face face to ass
                   my ass your face 
                                fa ce your ass
            arse to face
                              like to metaphor
              like to met a for
                  like met four
                            Like met 4 
                  she became nothing
                              she became Mona
                          Jill became Jack(y)
                             Franny Fanny
                          my ass your Jill
                           my ass you're Jill

             like as 
                     as like 
                            as like to like
to as to as 
 as to like like to as
                      as like (when) 

O this is sort of pathetic bathetic! Comedy!

Two can visualize . a poem of Popean rough. Bumblers. 
   at the sort of. And not Jacky dereader's misreaders.
One can imagine a series of Popean couplets aimed at this sort of
Harlequin romance of small time thinker and gaping followers versus _________________Versus like.
the poet on his arch of expression. ofcourseofcourseOf course the philo does not explain his policty of deletion until After the Fact. the fact face. archiveto face. delete. of face. to like.
as fact. to face. archive . to like it is .
__________________The difference between liking and becoming is analagous to that between becoming ? is this accurate.

 _____________________ What a poem. A poem is a chaotic gathering of elements.

Like becomes it's become . become something else. Poet knew this
  a s metamorphosis invoicing. I call it. I call it
                   I Call it. I Call it. 
                          Sow wisp words. brother.mothers.Mother
 So the thing is this: Wipe out words written by others, itself a rarity from what I hear in innfacebooking, facebook, and then say O this wall here, as it's called is to 'promote' my books. 
              what book is there to pull its promote
to the knowing episteme. Like is an episteme. aknowing way
of letters. to like it  s .

 A wee ironic aint it? Deleuze hated this sort of thing. 
this thing hated deleuze? hate ? Z. Z. Z. TZ. arA.
not like
 are not like
  Are becomes  tristan an that becomes approx imatif
                                    so end it.
like?   comment like
                there is the coal worker in her mine.
he's a miner in mine . She's mine. Mine coal Coal work
            work coal . 
                 she a  miner in the inn  . in the    .   inn  .

Helistist? Hiliterate? (of course! course coarse like!)
Elitist? Pretentious? Hardly .... but the pretence behind it is disturbing   this urb. urbbubble urbable. pretence is conceit  as in concetto concept italian   ~ .  butt 
                                    the tense
                            behind!. it always 'comes back'
                       to the ass!
                                thus phased book ought better

s    He's most disappointed/ but perhaps this is due to a sneak wishfaint hopes  to recuperate Hegel, and  bringing the ugly dialectic  of the repressed Hugly. does it ugly? Doan neversaid.
Nor did its read . Its read not . Knot red.

and to . promote his ideas  at the expense of living poetry.  to praise the deaad.

   =Do PHilosophers always swim to the past of the dead?

                O Mister Big Badiou I.O.U.
and Mister D and Mister

And Miss Heraclitus et Monsieur Parmenide__ the saw and sqyare o f 

                                         Retreat O tinker thinker into thy cave thy dark unwilling knave O
furrowed brow and shaggy locks frowned at
the world's joy and bliss

 once more and again ? does that  french language in the name 'forum' and 'publicity'    act as the police of .
                the imperium of dictation.

                              it's very funny!
    made a poem of               'argument' ended    ~
('the argument' is a traditonal figure of speech in poetry)
                                    it Ended. 

                         It ended.
                        it Ended.
                             It ended

                         It undid it

                                it undid i'
                       it undi ' d i't 
                         the end

                        sweet smilers
                         sweet similes  .


as with most ve rses this is imperfect    !~ its only   art   

let's not(r) preview our reviews too much!

There is a more to write and revise at level of the plateaus.