So then______ what are the fictions of d & g?

Jill readies her dialectical lasso    ~

              Layer on layer the celtic wheel. the bogswamp. the layered cake
__________________________Pretences and conceits (concetto). (A) re(:) collect 'f literary fuges. Notting. Hamfigures, tines ,,               flines of light . Flight.

fictions of deleuze and guattari is a biography that escapes,

flows and becomes, runs, wheels and steals mingling fiction, fact,

literary codexing, allusion, things, objects, persons, genders, stratas,

Deleuzoguattarian trivia, false leads to dead questions, personal

revelations, endless photos of form and content versus expression and the

Father; the secret love letters of Derrida, Foucault, Deleuze and

walk through the tunnel of love; remarkable moments with the analyst and

his patients, secret recordings of Guattari and his lover differance;
conferences with Guattari and the secretive Toni Negri; a brief moment
when Genet meets Guattari; Simone de Beauvoir and becoming Cixous not
Sixous; Sixeee and the Banshees do the Rhizome dance and the Screens fall

________________________Hagiographical Fictives__________epistemes of desire and moment______________ Watch the amazing Yffud D. climb her level best to lovermeanting lipskisssweep her amazing . What suedes of coat is that she? would she narrow her fend then? yet 

speak english to her claim.
what slup is thus ?                                                            her buttocks blues as . chain her fallow. fellow women to the rug  of torment.Is this her that witches? it so?

(sandwhichs provided) 

Some flicking whipping and flogging would do you gooD! 
Out you go MissDeleouse.

 Appendices  ApParent(ly) next time.

the most sensual is the back
if you see what I mean
Body without organs!
________________Corps sans organes?
Kipper me.

 The 'charactes' are becomings ... affects... particles... singularities...
fictive cuts

 .... this place of (plane) consistence consiting including
                 ' fogs .... voids... plagues..
               suspensions... vacuoles... jumps,
                    immobilizations.... hastes of...
    fen...s.... pens... airs... particles... 
        winds of vacuum  ... deeds of void
                   winds of intensity finger...